PyCon Zimbabwe 2016: Our Success Story

by Anna Makarudze

Jan. 12, 2017, 11:43 p.m.

Organising the first PyCon Zimbabwe, which was held on the 24th -25th November was a long process and long journey faced with many challenges. First and formost, we had to travel more than 33hrs hours by road to Windhoek to take part in PyCon Namibia and learn and travel a similar journey back! Its not something I would enjoy talking about because it sounds so crazy and yet it was so necessary. We had to organise other events here in Zimbabwe, in preparation for PyCon Zim as well as travel to Cape Town for PyCon ZA.

We also faced financial challenges as we could not get funding from The PSF due to targeted sanctions against our country. This made it almost impossible for us to hold the event but we are so grateful to all our friends in the global Python community who supported our crowdfunding project. We are also grateful to all our sponsors and partners, The Python Software Foundation, Django Software Foundation, Siege Communications and GitHub for making our event possible. We are also grateful to all our speakers and attendees for making the event a success, we couldn't have made it without them. Special gratitude to our visitors and speakers Gabriel Nhinda (Namibia) and Petrus Janse van Rensburg (South Africa) and our keynote speakers Amanda Gelender (United States of America) and Mike Place (United States of America).

You all go down in history for making the first ever PyCon Zimbabwe a success! Thank you!

Coding Tips

Pytest assert True

Category: Django

Pytest equivalent of



assert some_condition.

For example


using pytest would be

assert form.is_valid().

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