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I am a Python/Django Developer currently on the market for a full-time programming position. Since 2020 I have been the President of the DSF (Django Software Foundation) and was previously a Software Engineer at BriteCore. I am based in Harare, Zimbabwe and have been working remotely for a couple of years now but am open to relocation if necessary.

If you already know me and are interested in discussing a job opportunity, please get in touch. If you do not know me and are interested in getting to know me a bit, please read on ...

Who am I

I started learning programming in high school at the age of 15 as part of my Computer Studies course for my Ordinary Level exams with the dream of becoming a software engineer. I went on to do Computing as one of my Advanced Level subjects and I hold a BSc (Hons) in Computer Science from Midlands State University, Zimbabwe. I have always loved and enjoyed algorithms and programming at school and I was pretty good at it.

Learning Computer Science as a subject from an early age has exposed me to various languages and databases including Visual Basic, Pascal, DBase III, C, C++ and Java, most of which I did not use much after school. So while I may not remember the syntax of all these languages, I can read programmes written in other languages and understand them.

While in my second year in university, I decided I needed to know more about ICT than just software engineering so for my work-related learning year in 2007, I chose to work at an internet service provider, Fbnet, where I learnt network engineering, web development and systems administration. I wanted to be all-rounded in technology so did not immediately choose the software engineering route. After graduating in 2009, I gave myself five years to continue on this path before returning on the software engineering career path.

After graduating, I worked for three months at Fbnet as a Network Technician, doing mostly web development, network engineering, systems administration and helpdesk support. I then moved to Women's University in Africa where I worked as a Senior ICT Technician. My role involved systems analysis and design of university systems, project management, website maintenance, user training and support, and network and systems administration.

I left that role in 2011 to join an internet access provider startup, Valley Technologies, as Network Operations Centre Technician. My role involved network and systems administration; configuring and maintaining core network elements, monitoring network systems and escalating issues to BTS Technicians on duty as required. I later moved to the Billing department where I worked as a Billing Analyst where I was responsible for the generation of customers’ invoices, writing and running SQL queries to automate invoice calculation, revenue feeds and revenue reconciliation.

I left this role to work for rubiem Technologies, a consultancy firm, as Senior BSS/OSS Consultant for the mcel (Mozambique Cellular) CRM and Converged Billing project in Mozambique. My role involved project management, business process analysis, chairing project meetings and a lot of document writing. I left this role in 2014 to complete my MSc in Strategic Management which I did with Chinhoyi University of Technology.

After my Masters, I started learning Python through Muzinda Hub's Entrepreneurship and Digital Skills scholarship programme in 2015. I also learnt Flask and Django though most of my projects use Django. I started working as Fundraising Coordinator for Django Girls in June 2017, then worked for BriteCore as Software Engineer in 2019 and then became the lead maintainer of the Django Girls website in 2020, after the founding trustees stepped down.

My current role with Django Girls involves handling fundraising for the foundation as well as maintaining the organisation's online resources which include the website. I review contributors' pull requests, fix bugs, add new features to the website, suggest how contributors should implement certain features for the website as well as merge pull requests and deploy the changes to the website. I also get to contribute to the documentation of the Django Girls project resources. I also freelance and work on my own projects which I handle frontend development, backend development as well as deployment and maintenance.

Let's talk

I am much more interested in finding the right thing than in just finding a thing. If you are hiring and what I have written above sounds like a good fit for you, please do get in touch.

Coding Tips

Pytest assert False

Category: Django

Pytest equivalent of



assert some_condition.

For example


using pytest would be

assert not form.is_valid().

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